About Opal Hotels Group

Opal Hotels Group is a hospitality investment and management organization that owns, operates, and invests in limited and select-service hotels primarily in the Carolinas and mid-Atlantic region.

We are dedicated to providing the people and know how to effectively manage hotels for all of our stakeholders: our guests, employees, franchisors, lenders, partners, and owners. Our growth and success over the years can be attributed to a focus on creating enjoyable guest experiences while driving revenue and controlling expenses.

Our hospitality philosophy and company culture stem from our core values: service, growth, and pragmatism.

  • Service to our guests and community is our primary focus, as everything else we do is based on providing excellent service to our guests and community that that exceeds expectations.
  • Growth to Opal Hotels Group means striving to improve what we do every day, both for the sake of personal and professional growth of our associates and as a requirement for excellent service.
  • Pragmatism is the result when innovation and tradition are appropriately balanced. In a world where everything seems to be changing faster than ever, we realize some things do not and need not change. Our job is to balance the two and deliver deliberate solutions to the problems we have an opportunity to solve.

Opal Hotels Group employs a disciplined strategy of investing in high-quality hotel properties and real estate that present attractive upside potential and are located in urban, high-end suburban and developing markets with diverse demand generators and proximity to guest amenities. Opal Hotels Group is constantly seeking to acquire hotels with broad appeal to consumers and businesses.

Mital Patel